Boast Humbly: The Difference Between Confidence and Arrogance

Guest Blogger: Roxanne Trust, Content & Client Marketing Strategist at LiveSafe — Follow her @LiveSafeApp

Man Holding LoudspeakerWhen it comes to landing the gig, there’s not much more important than proving your value to an employer. This is your chance to show off all of your best awards, accomplishments, and A+ projects with the surprise-revealing gusto of a magician, without fear of exasperating the patience of those on the receiving end. In fact, it’s essential to display your achievements and market yourself to prove to employers that you’re a fit and exceptional candidate. However, transcending the professional need of self-marketing to the more flaunt-for-fun zone of your social sphere without coming off as shamelessly arrogant, requires a bit more tact in the approach.

With your friends, boasting simply for the sake of boasting is well and good when you want to share the happiness of your great experiences and accomplishments. It’s important, however, to maintain a frame of mind centered on honest pride and gratitude over egotism. The key difference between arrogance and confidence is recognizing your true value without an inflated sense of self-importance. Boast accomplishments you feel good about, without attaching overindulgent self-adulation or purposefully trying to outshine other people’s accomplishments. If you won first prize, bravo! Just save the off-putting “of course I won” attitude that’s condescending toward others. Remember: be proud of others, too.

On the professional platform, though showing off your best work is a part of the employment process, keep in mind that how you present yourself and your work is also an essential part of how you’ll be interpreted and evaluated. While employers are happy to see that you have great achievements, a smug attitude will act as smog, obscuring the great worth behind it. During interviews, push that you’re better at the job, not that you’re better or more important than other people.

It’s critical to have confidence in oneself, but there is of course a fine line between that and arrogance. Confidence doesn’t brag or belittle- it boasts humbly. Confidence applauds others’ achievements as well as its own. It even helps lead others to success by sharing their talents around when able as well. Confidence is a belief in oneself that consistently works to improve on his or her abilities, and, above all, confidence will attract employers. This is why it’s important to frame and hang your accomplishments for the world to see, but just be certain your frame of mind is hung straight, too.


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